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Post Sales Support & Maintenance

GlobeTech offers Yearly Post Sales Maintenance contracts for Business Entities which run Critical operations and need support 24 x 7.

Globe Tech shall ensure to the best of their abilities at all times to provide the maintenance services as listed below.

1.Moving, adding, changing features and options, making other functional changes to equipment, within the scope of the existing software
2.Installation of new telephone sets if within the scope of existing configuration of the SYSTEM
3. Shifting of telephone sets to a location within the same SYSTEM.
4. Programming changes within the scope of existing software of peripheral OP11 Nortel Telephone exchange system (PABX)
5. Installation and programming of new trunks if within the capacity of the existing SYSTEM
6. Training of users.
7. Remote Maintenance.
8. MAC support total of 30 Hours.

Note:: Any materials (faceplates, cables, etc.) required for the above services will be charged) separately to the CUSTOMER.

1.Site preparation and maintenance of a proper environment
2. Site preparation and maintenance of a proper environment
3. Any form of cabling or wiring.
4. Painting or refinishing equipment.
5. Resolution of problems external to the SYSTEM including telephone/ fax line, modem, cabling and electrical power problems.
6. Batteries & Headsets
7. Call Accounting hospitality software
8. System relocation from the existing location.
9. Provision of new extra features with exception of maintenance patches.
10. End of life or manufacture discontinued products will be on a best effort basis only

Globe Tech will provide the above service during its normal working hours 8:00 AM to 06:00 PM Sunday to Thursday.

SLA Draft Sample
1. Total SYSTEM is out of operation. ? 2-4 Business Hour
2. Ten or More telephone sets are out of operation? 2-4 Business Hours.
3. No outgoing call can be made from the SYSTEM ?2-4 Business Hours
4. Operator console is out of operation?2-4 Business Hours
5. Call charging interface is out of operation?4 Business Hours

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